Towards the end of 2016, I looked at my shelves and realized that I have collected a great many role playing games over the years. From the original Dungeons & Dragons, through my White Wolf games phase, and a number  of obscure games picked up here and there: many of which I’ve never had the chance to play.

I’ve decided to change that. There’s no way i can run a full campaign in each of these settings, even if I wanted to, or the game supported it. Instead, I’ve gathered a group of friends to play a one shot, once a month, in one of these old systems.

The rules are that I read the game, prepare characters and a scenario, and we give it our best attempt to play the game as written. If there’s a module or scenario, I’ll use that, but otherwise, we play with the core rules only.

Then I write up a review of our experiences, and post it here.

Based on the number of books lining my shelf, we’ll be playing old games for years to come!