Aberrant Cover

It has been 10 years since the explosion of the Galatea research satellite on March 23, 1998 and the strange eruption of superpowered individuals, calling themselves Novas, that started appearing in its wake of cosmic rays. Here in the brave new future that is 2008, approximately 6,000 people across the globe have won the genetic lottery and become superhuman! Many have banded together to form groups dedicated to helping those in need and using their powers for the good of mankind. Of course, just as many have decided that their gifts mean for them to rule or lord their powers over lesser beings. As members of the Boston branch of Project Utopia, you strive as a group to make a positive difference in the world and uphold the lofty ideals that organization represents. But there are others, particularly Divis Mal and The Terragen who have taken a more hard line look at humanity and have decided that the Novas are now a separate species, unbound by the rules that bind mere mortals. And finally, there are the Aberrants, a new faction who claim to have discovered corruption at the heart of Project Utopia and seek to expose a dark underbelly to the seeming paragon of virtue that the organization presents to the world.

Baptized in quantum flame, reborn as incarnate gods, drunk with fame, sacrificed on the altar of power. We are your heroes, your legends, your icons. Beware, your legacy is our future.