Player Characters

Scarlet Dragon (Dave) The Super strong savage dragon. A Martial artist with Draconic Heritage and one of the team’s ‘bricks’

Spirit-of-76 (Sam) The Ghost detective. Libertarian founder of ‘Facelessbook’, gadgeteer and super detective who can pass through walls and become invisible.

Fisherman (Geddy) Able to manipulate water and bend it to his whims.

John-Q-Public (Corey) The face of the group. Can become anyone and talk anyone into anything.

Green-Monster (Dainis) A giant green monster who has a day job as a local mascot!

MIT (Eric) The brilliant super mathematician who can hurl quantum blasts at her opponents.

Unplayed Extra Characters

Patriot: A Supersoldier and nominal leader of the team.

Minuteman: The speedster of the group.

Power References

Because this was a one-shot, I provided everyone with specific details on what their powers could do, so we didn’t have to flip through the badly organized book every round. It did cut down on that somewhat, but even this level of prep didn’t eliminate page flipping.

Character Powers reference