for A Veil of Silver Tears

“These characters were real to me. I felt like I was on this journey with them. It highlighted being a teenager very well. The book plays out in my head as a film would, something I believe is the key for YA fiction.”
Amber Sanchez, 11th grader

“Overall Veil of Silver Tears is a very enjoyable read. There’s a lot of detailing, making it seem hyper realistic. The raw genuine emotion portrayed is just great.”
Kevin Nakuci, 10th grader

“The characters feel fully human and relatable, leading readers to become more and more invested in them; I found myself sobbing (aloud) at the end of the story, an experience that is rare for me at this stage in my life.”
Ana Brea, Spanish teacher and Curriculum Team Leader

“This is not a genre I typically seek out, but despite this I felt intimately connected to each of the characters; I could so vividly see their features and mannerisms. I experienced their challenges and triumphs alongside them.”
—Melissa Lassen, college counselor

“The fight scenes are vivid and cinematic. They draw you in: zooming in to a sword splintering on a wood deck, then panning out to show the larger combat and fires surrounding our protagonist. This book made me gasp, hold my breath, and shed tears.”
Cami Hennekens, Science Team Leader 

“You know the characters and story are compelling when you find yourself gasping so frequently your spouse asks you to stop.”
Robert Pelletier, history teacher