A Veil of Silver Tears
YA Fantasy

In the midsummer twilights of ancient Fiðr, we meet Kalle, a Broch and Inari, a Koryelian, two young people challenging xenophobia and gender roles as they struggle to live up to their clans’ expectations. 

At 15, Kalle has been raised to be the savior of his people, though he doubts he has the skills to defeat the demon shapeshifter who has usurped their homeland. His family makes the difficult decision to send him to Kotikari, the isle of sorcerers, in a last ditch attempt to turn him into a warrior, but he quickly learns elemental magic is dangerous to harness.

Meanwhile in a rival clan, Inari has achieved the coveted warrior status only to find herself drawn to healing. When Inari captures Kalle and then a rival clan captures her best friend, her meticulously planned life spirals out of her control.

Will Kalle and Inari choose their family and friends over their newfound love for each other? And can they overcome the natural and supernatural forces that threaten them and their world?