And so it begins…

Except not really. Yes, I am now beginning my journey to ‘conquer’ the world of professional publishing, but the journey of the book started in the pandemic. 

In brief, moving from full-time HS ELA teacher and almost full-time theater director to staring either at a zoom full of  black screens (seniors don’t turn on their cameras…) or staring out the window at a world we were afraid to venture out into – well, I was going crazy. 

I decided to take a Harvard X course: Hamlet in Purgatory. Signed up and started only to realize the course was closing in a week (!) I had to have everything in by then. It was a tough slog with little sleep but I did it and was hooked on the intellectual challenge. I wanted another. I chose Writing your First Novel. I’d always wanted to write fiction. BUT I was afraid I wasn’t really going to be able to do it. And I always need the gold star – bit of a character flaw. So since the syllabus was posted, I decided to do all the work first to make sure I could then sign up for the course. (Yes, crazy, I know.) I got through the first two assignments, then abandoned the course in order to write. 

And that, gentle reader, is how I ended up here – writing my first newsletter on my first author website, where I am promoting and explaining my first book. (While still teaching full-time.)

So if you’re interested, add your name and I will send you my second newsletter and all the ones after that and we can take this journey together! Wish us luck!

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